Maritime economy

The maritime economy is characterised among other things by a constantly developing port economy.

Shipbuilding & suppliers

The cornerstones of the maritime industry are the compact shipyards in the traditional shipbuilding locations. With investment worth billions, they are some of the most modern and productive in the world. It is predominantly container ships that are launched from here, but tankers, cruise liners and specialist equipment-intensive ships are also made at this location.

The complex and technological inner workings - from propulsion systems to steering, and air conditioning systems to cranes - are provided by innovative suppliers from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Regional stakeholders also profit from the globally active shipyard companies as much as they do from the strong supply relationships with the outfitters.

Cargo port Rostock
Rostock port

Maritime & port industry

Rostock is the hub of important trans-European traffic. In Europe’s new centre, Rostock plays a bridging role between East and West, and between Scandinavia and Europe. The consistently high export volumes of the German economy and the rising flow of goods worldwide ensure exceeding growth for the seaport.

Modernised port entrances, connections to the countryside and rail networks bring logistic benefits. The port industry is reinforced by the establishment of port-related and innovative industrial and trade companies, as well as the branching out of several shipping companies.

Maritime tourism

Rostock also has a great edge in its maritime tourism sector. Rostock has now exceeded all other German ports, judging by the number of ferries, cruise ships and passengers it processes. There are several reasons for this success: the port entrance is as short as the footpath from the quay to the fashionable seaside resort of Warnemünde. You can also travel to Berlin faster than from any other port.

Guests can get on the special train or tour coach directly from their ship. Passenger exchanges and the arrivals and departures of ships take place within a few hours. If there are any issues, these grand floating hotels have all the services available to them for ship and motor repair.

Warnemünde ferry
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