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Life sciences - biological sciences in rostock

life sciences - companys in Rostock

Key industrial areas of bioscientific research institutes

  • Regenerative medicine
    Strong skills in the field of bio-implants, stem cell treatment, cell transplants and tissue engineering

  • Health economy
    The master plan is to use opportunities from tourism, the food industry, biotechnology and medical technology to make the country the healthiest in the world.

  • Proteomics
    Cutting-edge research in the development of new treatments for autoimmune disorders at the Proteomics Centre in Rostock.

  • Agrobiotechnology
    Modern biotechnology in agriculture with biological and genetic research for the development of innovative products and environmentally-friendly farming methods at the agrobiotechnology centre for life science research in Groß Lüsewitz.

  • Automation
    Development of high-end automation and system solutions at the Centre of Life Science Automation.

  • Bioinformatics
    Interdisciplinary research projects in data mining and mathematic model simulations at the University of Rostock.

  • Biosystem technology
    Applied research projects for sensor chips at research institutes and technology companies.



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