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Air and space travel - companies in Rostock

air and space travel companys in Rostock

Key areas in the air and space travel industry

The air and space travel industry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Rostock in particular has become a growth market. Currently, many companies are developing direct and indirect solutions and products for this sector.

The convenient location and proximity to the university form the basis for very good prospects in this industry. The significance of the air and space travel industry for the job market in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is immense and the number of skilled workers needed will continue to grow.


The main areas this industry focuses on are development services and manufacturing processes in areas such as:

  • finishing work on Airbus A318, A319 and A321
  • Airbus developments of the A380, A400 M and A350
  • partial production and Airbus supply centre: A380
  • maintenance, repair and refurbishment expertise
  • the electronics and microelectronics industries
  • ultra-modern product development and production
  • technical documentation and replacement parts service
  • aircraft avionics
  • civil aviation and international airports



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