Beaches of the Rostock baltic sea coast

Mecklenburg’s Baltic Sea coastline at the Rostock region is especially known for its beautiful beaches. The water quality is checked regularly and is generally rated as either good or very good at all locations – between Warnemünde and Diedrichshagen, the Höhe Düne district and Markgrafenheide. This is why our beaches have been awarded the “Blue Flag” certification of quality. Enjoy our white sandy beaches, shallow waters, cliffs and coastal forest!

Rostock is...maritime

Warnemünde beach

  • Supervised clothed beach (naturist area from the point of the “Haus Undine”). Up to 80m wide with fine, white sand. Highly frequented.
  • Predominantly shallow water in the promenade area - for up to 40m.
  • Beach chair hire possible.
  • Various recreational sport opportunities (volleyball, water skiing etc.). Ideal for families with small children.
  • Good catering facilities along the beach promenade.
  • However, parking spaces are few and far between. Tip: Use the Park and Ride service!
View over the Baltic Sea

Nienhagen beach

  • It is relatively rare for this beach to be full. Sand and stone beach (20 metres wide).
  • Shore area: stony ground.
  • Parking is available, for a fee.
  • Food establishments in the city.

Wilhelmshöhe beach

  • Popular naturist beach. Sand and stone beach (30 metres wide). Shore area: stony ground.
  • Food and beverages available at the restaurant with the same name.
  • Parking is available, for a fee.
Beach access Markgrafenheide

Markgrafenheide beach

  • Supervised clothed but predominantly naturist beach (up to 50m wide) with fine, white sand, relatively busy during high season.
  • The shallow water area is up to 40m wide.
  • Beach chair hire in Markgrafenheide Food and beverages available mainly in the local area.
  • The ferry and bus takes you directly to the beach; there are very few car parking spaces.
  • Tip: Take lunch boxes and drinks. Ideal for water sports enthusiasts.
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